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Soldering and Dip Thinning Station

Roto-Dross provides a safe, technologically advanced method for dip-tinning wiring used in electrical and electronic sub-assembly manufacturing.

Roto-Dross consists of an ergonomically designed operator workstation housing a microprocessor temperature-controlled solder pot with an automatic rotating dross skimmer.

Roto-Dross increases production throughput 20% or more by decreasing tinning time and eliminating the need for operators to manually remove dross from the solder pot. Production quality improves because operators can focus on the pure production tasks while working in a less hazardous and less fatiguing environment.

Roto-Dross is ruggedly built for uninterrupted high quality performance in demanding manufacturing applications.

Roto-Dross Photograph


  • Automatic Dross Skimmer
    Operators no longer manually intervene to remove dross from solder pots. Eliminates lost production time and minimizes potential burn hazards.
  • Precise Temperature Selection and Control
    Select exact solder temperature up to 999 degrees F by setting thumb-wheel switches. Temperature is displayed on LEDs and microprocessor-controlled to +/- 3 degrees F
  • Unique Safety Dross Collection Tray
    Protects operator from dangerous spillovers. Specially coated tray captures excess dross for easy recycling.
  • Forced Air 2 Stage Filtering
    Removes noxious odors. Reduces burn hazards by keeping the workstation and surrounding area cooler to the touch.
  • Ergonomic Design
    Adjustable Safety Handrest
    Shields operator from solder pot heat and greatly reduces fatigue.
    High Intensity Worklight
    Improves operator visibility to increase production throughput and improve quality.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Cold Deck Design
    Protects the work surface from heat damage.
  • Single Line Cord Hook-Up
    Plug ROTO-DROSS into your AC outlet and you're ready to improve the quality and volume of your production while protecting your operators from work hazards.

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